Android M: Bringing Better Things For You

Last month Android M was the buzzword, as expected Google's Sundar Pichai announced Android M pre-release version and features at Google I/O 2015 event.

Android M is the successor of Android L(Lollypop), here M is rumored as "Muffin" however officially it's full name is not announced.

Although, again Google brought something more than anything for us with this update of open-source Android mobile OS.

Features of Android M:

App permission - control what your can can use and access, if you allow apps to use your device's resources then only app can use it. So, you will have total control and authority of your system.

Web experience - Android M is bringing better web experience for you, sync your tabs, history and credentials from Google Chrome browser.

Mobile Payment - You mobile will bank your ATM. pay anytime, anywhere to anybody you want with Google's Android Pay and Google Wallet.

Fingerprint Scanning - Voila! just imagine your phone with Android M doesn't work until you provide your fingerprints to access. With this feature you will get tight security. This will be useful in case of mobile payment and purchase.

App links - Android M will sense automatically which file to open with which app. it will not notify you for selecting apps to open with most of the time.

Power Up, Least Battery Consumption - Android M is developed such that it will reduce the battery consumption and enhance battery life.

And this is not over yet, it will have much more visit the source HB Blog

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