I/O 2015: Topmost Announcements from Google

Top Announcements at Google I/O 2015

Google announced new platforms, new features for Android and Android wear. Find most talkative and biggest announcement by Google below:

Android Pay - Pay through your Mobile Phones:

I has been rumored that Google will not going to announce about Android Pay at this I/O 2015, even though it is good to hear about Android Pay at this event .

Google Wallet was the first in the race of mobile payments, then came Apple and Samsung come up with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Now, Android Pay from Google is in race to directly face off Apple Pay for mobile payments. Android Pay will make use of existing Google Wallet with amazing features like secure transaction, fingerprint verification, and credit card partnership and lots more.

Google Now - Just on Tap:

Google's virtual assistant got updated with Now on tap. No matter what you have on your screen if you ask Now it will tel you the things. Getting the answer made easy with Google Now on tap. Ask for author while reading ebook, bang you will have that with this feature of Now.

Google Jump - 360 degree Cameras:

Google announce 360-degree virtual reality cameras and named this initiative as Google Jump. this camera would have 16 camera arranged in circular position. It would be capable of recording HD film in any direction with 360 degree appearance simultaneously. These recorded videos can be uploaded to YouTube and viewable with Google Cardboard for virtual reality.

Google Wear - Access phone through your Wrist Watch:

Google haven't announced much about this as expected however, announced some updates for map going full wear screen, gesture and new launcher menu. And you can send emoji's to your friends by just drawing them on your Android wear, rest robots will it for you.

Google Cardboard - the Virtual Reality:

Google cardboard has got new in line. It has got easy to assemble design that can handle screen size up to 6-inch. It has got another new feature "Expedition" for collaborating 30 cardboard headsets simultaneously and lets a guide to take viewers to virtual locations.

Apart from these biggest announcement there are so many other things Google announced in this I/O 2015, like Android M and its features, HBO Now on Android, New Photo App with unlimited free storage, Offline Google Maps, Device Sync Activity features internet of things with Brillo, enhanced battery life etc.

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