Know How Developers are Implementing Security to Android

Google I/O 2015 is one of the perfect occasions when the world looks forward not only to the key announcements that are to be made, but also to the strategic decision at the core that can change the future of how mobility is perceived. In this article, let’s talk about Android security.

Android Security – Significant Developments in 2014
  • Enabling deployment of full disk encryption.
  • Expanding the use of hardware protected cryptography.
  • Improving the Android application sandbox with SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) based Mandatory Access Control system (MAC).
  • Developers provided with improved tools to detect and react to related security vulnerabilities, including the SecurityProvider and the nogotofail project.
  • Providing device manufacturers with ongoing support for fixing vulnerabilities related to device security – along with development of 79 security patches.
  • Better adapted to respond to potential susceptibilities in key areas, such as the updateable WebView in Android 5.0.
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