Apple iOS 9 Beta: Things You Need To Know

iOS 9 is one of the most awaited launch of this year, the developer version is already available and recently Beta version is also available to use. With this Beta OS update, your phone will be loaded with lots of amazing features and functionalities offered by Apple.

iOS 9

Currently, iOS9 Beta version is available to make it more better for all your compatible Apple devices. At WWDC 2015 Apple announced to release the official iOS9 at this fall.

Apple iOS 9 Beta Thing You Need To Know

Well, Beta versions of any software products are meant for testing the product and enhancing it accordingly to provide a better, fault-free product as a end release.

Compatible Apple devices for iOS9 Beta version:

What are the major flaws you will cater with this update:

  • App Compatibility
  • Support
  • Device Performance
If you want to read more about these issues and other iOS9 related information then visit iOS 9 Beta, Bugs, and Compatibility: Everything You Wanted to Know

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