Top 5 Tips to Improve User Engagement Level for Mobile Applications

The mobile app world is a jam packed place with millions of apps and the numbers keeps on rising and continues to explode. There is literally an app for everything imaginable under the sun. Today’s savvy user has plenty of choices and customer engagement is the only way to make your app successful in the highly saturated app world. Remember, mobile device is the only device that is closely attached to their users. It is indeed the most personalized device ever.

Mobile App Engagement

Keeping users engaged for return visits ultimately increases the potential to make money. Engagement can help create better product, as feedback can shape app through iterative approach.

Here are few tips that will help to enhance user engagement levels

Adopt a user centric approach

User needs always comes first, no matter what. If they don’t need it, they are not going to be interested in your app. Your app does not need to be a mindless replica of your website or online store. Remember, people use app in a different way. Every mobile app has targeted audience of users to conduct research. Deeper customer research will reveal insights that will help you throughout the mobile development stage.

Encourage feedback

Successful engagement revolves around user feedback. It is ultimately about providing a seamless user experience. Glean through users’ reviews and convert them into actionable insights. Remember, user review can help you tap bigger opportunities. It is equally important to ensure that the act of providing feedback is a hassle free experience. Figuring out what people love about the app and enhancing those features can take user engagement to the next level.

Mobile App Engagement

Developers can also provide an in-app feature to gather feedback. This is a platform that lets app users to reach out to the developers directly, rather than venting out their frustration on the App Store. Simply add a feedback button at a strategic location to improve your app reviews.

Leverage mobile analytics

Mobile analytics is a crucial channel to ensure that you guide your customer through the entire journey. In fact, the advances in mobile analytics make it relatively easy to personalize customer’s experience. You can effectively use Geo-location technology, push messaging notifications and location-based analytics to listen to your customers and show them you care.

Efficient on-boarding

First impression of user about your app is very important. After all, users need to understand features and value of your app at the first go after download. Effective on-boarding could serve as key to success. This process involves helping first time users walk through you app’s navigation and showcase key features and how to use them. Users should remember the information and not feel overwhelmed.

Mobile App Engagement

Don’t just bombard users with instructions about features, rather intelligently spread content over a period of time to let user explore app intelligently at own pace and encourage them to visit your app again. It is best to strategically use combination of email and in-app messaging for the highest impact.

Social proof for the bandwagon effect

In the app world, nothing works better than social proof. Often known as the bandwagon effect or herd behavior, social proof can work wonders for your app. You can encourage your customers to share on social networking sites and spread word about your application. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other such relevant networks can help customers spread word about special deals, promotion or discounts. You can consider linking the points that users earn inside apps to real world rewards. This motivates users to come back to your app and earn points.

Conclusion: User engagement is all about listening to, collaborating with, and caring for your customers. It is all about creating meaningful relationships with customers that transcends beyond single-click download.

Ethan Samuel

I am Web Analyst I love to analyse the web for the betterment of businesses and providing information to my blog reader. I love to write about trending technologies, specially mobile technologies.


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