Checklist for Developing Top Ranked Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development

If you are looking for developing top rank mobile apps then follow below checklist while developing:

Look and Feel(UX/UI):

Mobile app usage is growing gradually. Mobile apps, with best look and feel attracts more people. It is obvious, that if someone finds your interface interactive and user friendly then others and then your app is a solution to their problem.

For example few year back messaging was costly however people were using it more than calling for conversation, then came Whatsapp and other messaging platform, but people are using Whatsapp more why? because, of its simple and sophisticated user interface that anyone can use easily.

People love to explore and use those things more eagerly, that their eyes and hands find better to use.


Your mobile app must be speedy enough, that didn't take much time to load and switch from one interface to other. Speed is thing that makes your app more realistic and interactive.

To make your mobile application interactive and real-time, optimize your mobile app codes, compress codes and files to load faster.

Obviously, speed matters, no one like to get things, done slowly. And, in case of mobile apps, it is a main point to consider.


It doesn't matter how your app is performing currently. Suppose your app goes viral the very next day, and every second 1000 people are downloading it. If your server is not able to handle that traffic, then what you will do. You would feel helpless however, initially no one think about this.

Try to make your resources work in all circumstances. Make your app capable of handling traffic and low connectivity problem.

Security and Privacy:

Who doesn't want security. Today's people are so much concerned about security and privacy of everything around them. And mobile phones contains very sensitive information of users, that they never want to be hacked or eavesdropped.

So, make sure your apps withstand security and privacy tests, that show how much your app is secure. Make user trust upon your app and try not to loose that trust ever.


Nativeness means your app is build for particular OS only. There are so many mobile OS available such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and others are under development Firefox OS and Ubuntu Mobile OS.

So, it is difficult to create a single app for all platforms. For this purpose, native mobile app development works better, US is the biggest market of iOS user and then Asia for Android. So, it is needed to develop native applications for popular mobile platforms and user statistics.


Every app needs to be responsive. Here responsive mean quick enough to change and adopt new features accordingly. Survey your potential mobile app users, get feedbacks and update your apps accordingly.

And you know change is nature's law. Those who adopt will survive and those who don't will die. So, never think, that just creating an app is enough to solve a problem or getting successful in a business.


No, app is perfect until it is fully functional on every devices, that people use. Code your apps as per devices to make it more relevant to all device sizes and their configurations.


Nothing can deployed, until it has been marked tested and ready to deploy. Testing is mandatory, it resolves many of programming and functionality flaws and bugs on different stages of product development life cycle.

Test you apps, Test your apps and Test your apps. To be perfect, need to be free of imperfections.
Consider above checklist for developing your mobile apps and getting a successful in mobile app marketplace. Visit 7 Hottest mobile app trends and monetize your mobile app.

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