Mobile App Development Myths Debunked

mobile app development myths

Mobile app development continues to be on priority list for most organizations. Businesses realize that mobile is the best way to reach out to their customers. But mobile apps are not standalone projects, rather part of a greater and bigger strategy. It is not about plunging into a mobile app development process without applying any strategic thought.

mobile app development myths

The entire mobile app ecosystem is still in nascent stage and many newbie app developers have completely wrong notions about the entire process. This blog post outlines several myths that will help the mobile entrepreneur chart a path and know what’s next in the journey right from ideation, design, development to app store optimization and promotion.

You need to be technology czar

Technology Czar

You don’t need to be a coding genius to launch a mobile app. After all, idea is what drives a mobile app. If you feel that you have a path-breaking idea, hire a mobile app developer and get started. Don’t let technology or different platforms pull you back. However, it wouldn’t hurt to know the basics of mobile app.

Just develop the app and users will keep coming

make People Love It

There are millions of apps in the app store. It is a very competitive and saturated world out there. Mobile app is not just about the development process. Your job is not done once your app goes live. Developing an app is relatively simple compared to getting users to click on the download button. Trying to gain market traction is the toughest part in the app world.

Need opinion from anyone, everyone under the sun

Opinion Matters

Undoubtedly, seeking opinion is the best way to improve a product. Mobile app is no exception. Everything boils down to collaboration. But asking for feedback on a yet-to-be-launched app will get you a vague or imaginary response. And the trouble starts when you take advice from someone who is not a stakeholder or not even remotely involved in the mobile application development. Always believe in your user’s feedback and stay away from randomly seeking opinions from your friends.

Building for Multiple Platforms at Once

With more than one million apps on both the Google Play and Apple App Store, you are competing in a highly saturated market. But it does not mean that you launch on both platforms at the same go. Everything boils down to analyzing your target market and your budget. It is better to finalize an app for one platform through iterative approach, before porting it to other platform.

Marketing begins only after submitting app

Submit to App store

It is important to create a buzz before your app goes live and not wait till the submission process is over. The process should start at least 2-4 weeks in advance. You can create a social media campaign. Reach out to tech bloggers in your niche who have covered a similar app. Create a splash page or landing page for your app to inform users about the app and ask them to sign up.

Show them the money

Promote Your App

While paid promotion can help you get spotlight for some time, it is not a guaranteed way to move up the ladder. It is about building a great product and focusing on user experience. Every successful app has grown in popularity based on social proof and word of mouth recommendations. Big marketing budget will not help you buy user experience. You need to strike a balance between free and paid mobile app promotions.


Success of your app simply depends on avoiding common misconceptions. It is true that every app can’t be Instagram or Snap chat. However, it is important to get your fundamentals right. You just need to channelize your efforts in the right direction so that you can create an app that will get discovered, downloaded, and ultimately make you successful.

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