Apple WatchOS 2: Revamping for Better Personal Experience

Apple has announced separate operating system for its watches as Apple Watch OS 2 at WWDC 2015. Apple is enabling these watches to take advantage of their size and location.

Apple WatchOS 2 is the refined version that is faster and powerful than the previous one.

The all new WatchOS will bring you more interaction with Apple watch. You can also change watch face look and work as you like.

Let's time travel, a new feature in WatchOS 2, you can turn the Digital Crown of your watch to see what is going to happen and what had happened. Know your yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Apple WatchOS 2 now run native apps for better performance. You do not need to pair with your iPhone or iPad after this fall.

This is not done yet, you will get familiar apps with new features and functionalities, so you have interactions that are known to you, but you have more to do with the same apps.

With this update you can make credit card payments right from your wrist. Store your card in you Apple Pay and feel free to go anywhere without money.

Siri is doing its best in iPhone and iPads, now enjoy Siri in your watch. Get assisted from Siri in this WatchOS 2.

Apple watches have a lot more to redefine the wearable industry. Just wait for this fall to happen, and then you will feel your wrist more useful then ever.

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