Internet of Things and Cloud Computing: Topmost Mobile Trends of 2017

With year 2016 coming to an end, we look forward to mobile trends that will rule 2017. Among the list of forecasted trends, IoT and cloud are the most promising ones.


IT companies are gearing up for the New Year and along with it, they are shielding themselves for the upcoming challenges to face in the process of adapting to emerging technologies.  The only key to success in IT industry is to keep moving in the direction of the wind, and the ones who implement this practice have tasted success so far.
To ride on this path of success, we need to learn the technologies that are sure shot to grow and expand in the near future. Two such mobile technology trends that have an evident silver lining are Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.

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Scope of Internet of Things (IoT) in 2017
IoT, alternatively called as Machine to Machine, Machine to Mobile or Man to Machine boosts the concept of connectivity. The aim is to bring automation in day-to-day lives and push the concept of smart homes and offices.
IoT utilizes the power of smart devices to connect with each other over Wi-Fi and control them at your fingertips. Smart home with smart parking system for your car will become a norm in the coming year. IoT based mobile apps will be in great demand, this gives established mobile app development companies a hint on what to focus on.

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Cloud-Based Data Storage & Integration
With IoT growing at an unprecedented rate, resultant user data increases thereby requiring more storage space. Mobile phones have limited RAM and storing all the information there is inconvenient as it slows down the device.
To eliminate this problem and utilize the power of IoT, cloud storage concept is gaining momentum. Storing large amount of data on cloud is convenient owing to its ease of access from anywhere, as it is not device specific data. This concept, which takes synchronization to an altogether new level, sees immense scope of expansion in the year 2017. Imagine a world powered by data which can be accessed from anywhere anytime. This concept redefines the segment of ‘convenience’ and takes it to another higher level.

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