Magento Plugins that Support the Concept of Predictive Analytics for Smarter Ecommerce Websites

Magento is the most used and reliable platform for building e-commerce websites. Know about new plugins for Magento that aim to improve customer experience.

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Online shopping is the new buzz that has created a lot of noise in the online market. The rush of sales flashing with banners of 50% and 70% discounts on leading ecommerce stores are alluring customers to make purchases of all necessary items online. This has diminished the business of physical stores as very few people have time to personally visit an outlet and make the purchase.

What’s the Need for Magento Plugins?

Now that the competition in ecommerce industry is soaring high with each passing day, businesses are looking for alternatives to improvise customer engagement and increased loyalty through all possible means. Magento, being an open source framework, offers unlimited scope for customization as per your preferences.

When predictive analytics, discussed in ( How Predictive Analytics Helps in Driving More Business to Ecommerce Websites? ) is clubbed with the power of Magento, you can be assured of outstanding results.
Magento’s 3 new plugins are just what ecommerce businesses are waiting for to take a step up in their process of enhancing customer’s experience. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

  1. Based on Previous Order History
This Magento plugin uses the information of customer’s order history to evaluate their needs and predicts their next purchase accordingly. The utility of this plugin can be best explained with appropriate examples:
When a customer makes purchase of beverages such as tea bags or coffee powder, it is likely that he/she will be running out of stock in nearly 30 days. This plugin helps ecommerce store owner by reminding them to notify customers to make such purchase after 25 days or so.
Taking another example, a person buying everyday medicines online buys a pack containing dose for say 10 days. This is the time when Magento plugin alerts ecommerce websites to reach out that customer again in a week to make similar purchase.
  1. Based on Customer’s Search History
A customer visits an ecommerce website and searches for a product of his/her interest, but not all of them make an immediate purchase of the same. Search based Magento plugin enables online businesses to showcase products of interests to customers. This makes the customer relate more to its necessities and preferences.
This is the age where customers like to get access to required products in minimum clicks. Now where ecommerce businesses deals with over 50,000 brands and innumerable products, it is necessary to include such plugins that add a sense of personalization to procure products of interest with minimum clicks and searches.
This way of displaying frequently searched items to customers not only reduces their efforts of getting hold of it again but also tempts them to make the purchase, which wasn’t bought earlier due to some or the other reason.
  1. Based on Season: Relating to Current Weather Conditions
This Magento plugin extension works by tracking the location of visitor and suggests apparels, cosmetics, beverages depending on the prevailing climatic condition. It is a way of personalizing the shopping experience for both new as well as existing customers.
If a customer is forgetting to buy any seasonal item that will be required by him/her, this plugin helps along with boosting sales for ecommerce businesses by increasing the number of items in the shopping cart.
The method of including highly relevant items to the homepage of ecommerce website enhances customer experience to a great extent as they can reach out to all the required items at once! It gives customers a pampering feeling as all their necessities are taken care of by the online store.
In so much noise of advertisements and offering discounts, using these Magento plugins seems to be a genuine and true way to connect with customers. Moreover, customer loyalty and connectivity comes as an added bonus. Website personalization has worked wonders for businesses who have implemented it with logical and serious thought.  It’s your turn now, get going!


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