Apple’s Siri Take a Leap Forward Finally

Apple announced a series of improvements to its personal digital assistant “Siri.” Apple’s “personal assistant” Siri is all set to get much more intelligent. Siri’s contemporaries'sxa, Cortana and Google Now (launched after Siri) have managed to race ahead of Siri by offering support for third-party applications.

But things are set to change.

Considered to be the biggest overhaul ever since its launch, Siri will now offer support for third-party applications.

Now iOS app developers can build on intelligence Siri offers and lets app users to interact directly with apps with just their voice. SiriKit helps developers to design their apps to work seamlessly with Siri for messaging, calls, photo search, ride booking, personal payments and workouts, or use Siri to control CarPlay® apps.

With this new move, apps providing services in certain specific domains can make services available from Siri on iOS. SiriKit supports following domains

  • Audio or video calling
  • Messaging
  • Sending or receiving payments
  • Searching photos
  • Booking a ride
  • Managing workouts
Intents and Intents UI framework
Siri involves an Intents and Intents UI framework mainly outlining how users can interact with apps via Siri, and latter enabling third-party apps to customize the interface users see when making requests through Siri.The Intents framework (Intents.framework) supports the handling of SiriKit interactions.
The Intents UI framework (IntentsUI.framework) supports the creation of an Intents UI extension, which is an optional app extension that displays custom content in the Siri or Maps interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence & Siri: Connecting the Dots

While Siri never had its major share at the WWDC 2016 keynote, it made its presence felt throughout the event. There is no denying about Apple's commitment to AI: Siri will flourish throughout its ecosystem and third-party apps will leverage the power of voice-driven artificial intelligence.

With new announcements Siri's intelligence is on the rise, but Apple’s not all the artificial intelligence can be attributed to Siri. As Federighi mentioned during the keynote: "We're applying advanced, deep-learning techniques to bring facial recognition to the iPhone and it's all done locally on the device."

Available in 36 Different Locales

One of the best parts about this integration is that it will work with all the countries Siri is available in – 36 languages. Literally millions of users will have access to these features using their voice.


The move to open Siri to third-party apps opens up floodgates of opportunities. While there will be restrictions and rules that will set the limit for app developers. However, with more flexibility in the platform, users will actually find Siri valuable, especially the ability to use third-party apps over Apple’s built-in software.

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