Importance of Typography in Website Design


There is no denying that typography has a phenomenal impact on several aspects of our websites such as the mood of your website, user experience, content readability and much more. It is absolutely important that designers understand the importance of typography and the factors behind the selection of typography.

The main purpose of your font selection is to convey the character or purpose of your website and content. This means you need to take a stock of the situation and review the core purpose of your company goals, article, content and/or product. Once you know the primary points that you would like to communicate to your readers you can then select or design a typeface that reflects the core essence of your content.

Create brand identity

Custom Typography is one of the most effective ways to create a clear brand identity among target audience. And it also happens to be the easiest way. Customers will be able to recognize your brand in both print and digital media. Whatever you write and wherever it ends up, your audience would know that you wrote about it.

Unique Identity

Custom typeface can take your brand identity to the next level and sets your brand apart from others. Designing your font will help you give your website a unique and distinct personality. A custom typeface can have the same multiplier effect as creatively using simple type - taking into account the potential for enhancing brand identity and character.

Creative Freedom

When it comes to fonts, you don’t need to feel restricted by standard fonts. Now you have the freedom to constantly experiment and come up with really creative ways to use text. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to fonts. You can custom design a font around existing image, logo or photograph. You can let your imagination run wild and think about creating iconic typeface.

Typography is all about infusing life into your website and giving your site a soul.

But ultimately, everything boils down to creating typography in a memorable way to stand tall. As recommended in website design and development trends in 2016, typography will help your website shine. However, the ultimate goal of typography is to help readability of your website. So don’t jeopardize the words’ meaning at the cost of creativity. It’s best to combine typography with a simple and unobtrusive background. You don’t want to mess your screen real estate with too many elements competing for your user’s attention.


With the effective use of typography, even your text will become a design element. Always keep in mind that today’s world seeks compatibility across platforms: a custom typeface must seamlessly work across diverse browsers and devices with different screen sizes.


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