Hidden Features of iOS 9 that Apple Didn’t Talk About

Hidden Features of iOS 9 that Apple Didn’t Talk About
iOS 9 is full of enhancements that will make a big impact on your life. With the mobile revolution, your apps are gaining more and more popularity. New features such as multitasking on iPad make you productive.

Siri is much more proactive and could do more than ever. It will help you do things even before you ask. However, there are several hidden features that not many are talking about. These features will have a deep impact on iOS app development. Let’s take a quick look at these unknown features that will help you gain more from iOS 9.

Searchable Settings
Now you can find settings just by searching for them. Thanks to a search box on top, you can quickly search for the information that you want easily without the need to navigate through layers of menus to reach your destination.

Picture-in-Picture Video Mode (Available in newer iPads Only)
Well, if you have a new version of iPad such as iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 or later, you can watch a video on your iPad while at the same time do something else. So multi-tasking gets easy with this new functionality. Here is how it works: simply start a video in Safari and tap the video to bring up the control interface — you can look for the icon appearing like a box within a box. Tap on that box, and it’ll float a new box that’ll stick around even as you navigate from one app to another app. You can drag the video to place it in any corner.

Detailed Battery Usage
Are you unable to figure out which of your apps are draining your battery the most? iOS 9 will be able to tell you not just about the apps that drain out your battery the most, but also how much time it spent in the background. To get access to the new info, go to Settings > Battery, tap the clock icon at the top of the app list.

Low Power Mode
Low on battery? You don’t have to worry anymore. With iOS 9, you will be asked if you want to enable “Low Power Mode.” When toggled, this mode will disable mail fetch, app refresh in the background, and automatic downloads. This might help you get extra time out of your battery. Once you plug your phone to the charger, low power mode will get disabled itself.  
You can turn Low Power Mode setting on manually under Settings > Battery.

Option to Calculate in the Search Bar
Now be ready to make quick and simple calculations in the search bar itself. This is an easy way to calculate without worrying about installing a full-featured app. Just pull down or swipe to the left to bring the search bar and it will do basic math.

Request Desktop Site
You often go around in circles browsing website on your iPhone. The problem is due to bad mobile website. In such scenario, you could only wish to load the desktop version of that page. Now your wish is granted in iOS 9. Simply hold the refresh button in URL bar and you would receive a prompt in few seconds requesting you to allow the desktop version of the current page.

We hope these features, many of which you might not otherwise stumble upon on your own will help you leverage iOS in an effective manner. 

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