How to Get Enterprise Mobile App Development Right in 2016

With 61 percent of businesses planning to make mobility their top priority in 2016 and willing to spend more on software, devices and services to accomplish this, the industry is buzzing with the much hyped context of Enterprise Mobile Application Development. My question is, are our businesses actually ready to enter the world of complex applications and deliver productive results from it. 

While most businesses perceive mobile app implementation to be most innovative channel to improve productivity and reach, day-to-day business and IT operations, enterprise mobile apps are the best way to simplify complex business processes and make workers’ jobs easier with homegrown enterprise mobile apps.

Increase productivity with Enterprise Mobile apps

Enterprise mobile applications are proving to be an asset and a boon as they are helping businesses streamline huge data seamlessly. Not only has it helped simplify travel and communication, it has also facilitated enhancing processes and reducing human errors. Moreover, companies have substantially gained on productivity, enhanced sales, and have superior tracking of work.

Derive better ROI from enterprise mobile apps

Enterprises can save huge amounts of investment by smartly converting their manual processes into mobile applications. Mobile apps are emerging as one of the most conducive way to encourage employee collaboration and facilitate sharing of the best practices across teams. Not only does it help in creating a holistic environment beneficial for the employer, employees and the customers, a good enterprise mobile application development investment can also help boost ROI.

Develop Enterprise Applications In-The-House to Diminish Security and Risk Concerns

Most businesses nowadays choose to carry out their confidential and complex enterprise mobile app development in-house as they find it too detrimental to the security. Considering that certain applications don’t even encrypt the data they transmit/receive through the network, there are chances of sensitive, confidential company data being unintentionally compromised.

Businesses can also carry out this task securely in-house by hiring a dedicated resource who can work for them remotely and securely. You may check out various ‘Hire a Mobile App Developer’ models with reliable offshore agencies.

Keep The Bigger, Majority Of Your Target Market, The Youngsters - Engaged!

Youth comprises the largest percentage of employees in companies, who prominently uses smart devices and rely on them than on traditional PCs. Enterprise mobile application development is the way forward to harness the first-mover advantage and build breakthrough mobility solutions that enhances productivity, improves engagement and boosts ROI.

Build Greater Customer Engagement, Service and Support

Enterprise mobile apps can help your business reach out to your customers and employees anytime, anywhere. Isn’t it fantastic? With businesses expanding to go global, they can cater to their customers online (mainly in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, etc.) and connect with their employees worldwide 24*7 via mobile apps.

Always Map Your Future Path

Make a note that enterprise mobile apps need support from legacy applications and systems to operate, while end users need the capability to view and access back-end data that presents integration and security challenges. So all you need to do to minimize disruptions to your existing development process and technical stack is use a mobile web platform. But remember, your chosen mobile platform needs to grow in close adherence with non-mobile initiatives to avoid architecture fragmentation.


Mobile technologies in 2015 have grown enormously to a level where mobile devices and platforms can be used to execute key enterprise processes. Your employees are actively looking for ways to integrate traditional enterprise apps with their device. But, take care of the flip-side as incorporating mobile access with your existing workplace traffic can stress your existing back-end infrastructure - resulting in new network scalability and security issues.

Have you got your enterprise mobile application development strategy set for 2016?

Ethan Samuel

I am Web Analyst I love to analyse the web for the betterment of businesses and providing information to my blog reader. I love to write about trending technologies, specially mobile technologies.

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