Microsoft Hyperlapse: Smoothen and Stabilize First-person Videos

Nobody can slow down the time and the speed of any moving object. Microsoft has brought Hyperlapse for you, Microsoft Hyperlapse is new technology to produce stabilized and smooth lapses of videos.

MIcrosoft Hyperlapse

It would be astonishing to show your friends what you have seen or done in your last trip, hike or any adventure, while they were watching your stupendous video with his technology, they would be feeling themselves there to have that fun. It would be speechless to them.

MIcrosoft Hyperlapse

Microsoft Hyperlapse enables you to time lapse your past amazing experiences, distill them to more expressible and enjoyable experiences.

After 20 years of hardworking and extensive research, Microsoft invented Hyperlapse for you. This makes your hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering and such adventurous first-person videos to smooth and stabilized.

Microsoft provides you this software for PC and mobile devices.
If you are a developer of Media Company, you can use this software suite on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Image source and resource [Microsoft Research]

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