Google Fi: A New Way for Better Network Connection

Google's project Fi is working for the betterment of wireless internet. In collaboration with leading carriers, hardware makers and users Google is going to deliver fast and easily available wireless network for all of you.

Google Fi

With the use of new technologies and hardware you will receive better and faster connection to wi-fi.

Do you feel network downgrade while you moving around. Google's Fi is a network of networks that is going to give you high quality internet connection.
Do you want to use the 4G network of other carriers? Why not? Google Fi is going to enable you to access best of two 4G LTE networks without sacrificing your fast and better internet need.
Stay connected to fast network and your dear one with hassle free network around the world. and get connected to better wi-fi. With Fi you can connect with several verified free wi-fi hotspots. Google Fi is a F for Free and I for Internet.

Read more about Google Fi in detail.

Ethan Samuel

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