Augmented Reality: Revolutionary 3D Head & Neck Anatomy Book

Today I was checking my mail and I found an article written about a book Head & Neck Anatomy. This is the latest book for Anatomy of sculptors.

Why this book is so different from other books? Answer is Augmented Reality. Have you ever heard about this topic. This is the most popular and viral topic nowadays.

Well, the thing is this book is going to provide you the 3D images of head and neck, just imagine the revolution. Medical student will be be directly benefited for their studies.

This book's 3D model will help sculptors, painters and artist to develop more detailed sculptures easily and fastly.

Your body is kinda complex and it is very hard to learn about everything. Your brains is most complex and important part of your body. To know more about the activities and working of your brain need to develop such 3D techniques

With the use of Augmented Reality technology you will be able to access all those 3D images right through your app anytime, anywhere.

This book is fully focused on using CT Scan, 3D Scan, MRI, and 3D modelling of head and neck. This is going to be amazing, Kickstarter is funding this project.


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Ethan Samuel

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