Google Jacquard: The Smart Future of Apparel Industry

Once, I was just thinking of swiping through my clothes and controlling my TV, mobile phones and other electronics. At that time, I was just dreaming this thing a tech geek.

Embedding Electronics in Clothes

Since, six months I am hearing about smart and interactive clothes. Earlier It was in news that Google is working on such a technology that will bring a revolution in Apparel market.

Electronics for creating interactive clothes

I was just surprised, to learn about  project Jacquard at Google IO 2015 event. I started exploring about it, then read a very nicely written company blog post "Project Jacquard: Google’s Futuristic Innovation in Connected Apparel".

Testing Fabrics

Now, I am eagerly waiting for the day, when these type of clothes will be available in the market and so, I will swipe through my cloths and control my smartphone, TV and other electronic things.

Electronics Women Fabrics

Google have created an awesome  web page for this innovative technology named "Project Jacquard". This is a future changing technology. Google and partners with Levi's to work on producing interactive clothes. Innovations are happening all around, I am just imaging what going to happen next, what our life would be after 2025.2030..2050....and so on.

Image Courtesy: Google

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