Apple Music: Bringing Revolution to Music Streaming Service

Apple announces music streaming service as an addition to iOS 9 at this Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2015. After June 30th, 2015 this music streaming service will be available at iTunes for Mac OS X, Windows and iOS devices.

Apple Music

Apple Music App will compose of three things:

  • iTune-in-Demand:
    Apple music is an iTune-in-demand music service. You can search for your favorite song in cloud and stream it. With Siri it would be more easy to find your songs with voice commands. You can also check various details related to that song.

Apple Music

  • Global Radio Station:
    This radio station called Beat 1. Subscribe to this channel and listen to best DJs all over the world.

Apple Music

  • Socialize:
    Now, you will have Myspace like interface where you can connect with old and new artist, share your streams, and socialize your artist and their creations.

Apple Music

To know how it work and other functionality visit Apple Music.

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