Apple iOS 9: Making Existing Things More Better

Apple has announced iOS 9 as a new operating system for its iPhone and iPads. This time apple updates and upgrades the existing features to enhance user experience.

Developers version of iOS 9 is already available. Apple has announced public beta version version of this operating system will be available end of this July.

Apple iOS's most handy and useful Siri app is now going more smarter and proactive then earlier version. You can ask anything in your phone to Siri. It will assist you anytime to get things done fastly.

Apple's search is now available for third-party apps. Spotlight is a mini search engine. With this feature you will not need rely on Google search any more in your Apple devices and it is safe and secure.

Do as many things you want to do with your iPad as multitasking is get more easy in iPads. With SplitView and SlideOver you can run and shuffle through two and more apps simultaneously.

This is not enough, you are going to get more features with this iOS 9 update.

Ethan Samuel

I am Web Analyst I love to analyse the web for the betterment of businesses and providing information to my blog reader. I love to write about trending technologies, specially mobile technologies.

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