Apple HomeKit: Everything You Want to Know

Apple's HomeKit is a framework that connects and controls various electronics devices with your iOS device. It will let you control all your electronic gadgets and accessories.

Apple HomeKit Framework

Working of Apple HomeKit

HomeKit as a central controlling unit allows you to control smart devices around you with your iPhone and iPads. Apple HomeKit enables you to organize your devices into groups such as all smart devices of a room will be group named "room", similarly we can define other group as "zones", "scenes" etc.. as per functionality.

Working of Apple HomeKit

"room" control group allows you to control all smart devices in any room. "zones" are cluster of rooms that allows control smart devices of multiple rooms. "scenes" as a medium enables your to adjust characteristics of multiple smart devices and accessories.

Apple TV: Control Things Remotely

Apple TV enables you to control you smart devices from a remote location with you iOS device. Users need to sign in into their iCloud accounts with their ids to control their devices remotely.

Apple TV

I am just waiting for Apple to officially announce this framework soon so, I can utilize the features for controlling accessories around me. Whatever I have just written above is a part of an article of Hidden Brains. Visit Everything you Wanted to Know About HomeKit for detailed information about Apple HomeKit.

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