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Apple Watch

Do you know what your Apple watch can do for you. It can do much more things beyond our imagination. Apple watch fully packed with lots of application that can make your life more easy. Now put your mobile phones in your pocket, you will not required to have your phone in your hand and do those things now easily with your Apple smartwatch. Read below about applications and features of Apple watch.

Apple WatchesWith this app you can easily build your shopping list on the fly. Whenever you visit the store it automatically take you to the item pages of your shopping list.

With this app in your apple watch you can unlock your hotel rooms of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. You can also get direction to your rooms, your room reservation status and Startpoints in your account.

American Airlines
With this app you will be notified for the notifications of leaving for airport, flight status and information. You can also check in from your Apple watch and you can track your luggage and time.

Nike+ Running
While running keep your Apple watch in your pocket. It will analyze your distance, speed and duration on the go. listen music during workout pairing it with your bluetooth headphones.

Browse your feed, like photos, comment with emojis and become up to date with Apple watch in your hands.

BMW iRemote
Get charging notification of your electric BMW. You can also check range, door-lock status, service reminders and more. Even you can adjust cabin temperature.

Get a complete 140 character tweet. you will be notified with new tweets, check your timeline and compose your tweets by dictating.

It shows you the fastest routes wherever you want to go. It provides step-by-step instructions based on your location and much more.

Check what is for dinner, where to go for dinner and up coming reservations and find way for your restaurant.

Do everything to get known and design your best trips. Get information of nearby restaurants, sights and tourist destinations.

Green Kitchen
It provides you lots of healthy recipes and get help in your cooking with your Apple watch.

It provides you real-time statics like avg. speed , distance, elevation and heart rate during ride or run. Updates you in your workouts and awards trophies for breaking personal record for motivating.

Sky Guide
If you are curious about knowing upcoming astronomical events like meteor shower, full moons, solar and lunar eclipses etc. It will notify you with upcoming astronomical events.

Explore nearby real estate listing, get no. of rooms, price and other information on the go.

PayByPhone Parking
Now, you don't need to get tickets for parking your vehicle. Pay you parking charge through your phone and it will notify about remaining time and you can extend your time also.

Dark Sky
Get known with the weather in your location in advance. so you can plan your trips or going out for fun.

It will give you all the details of playing song even it will tell you what the singer is saying, you can also read the lyrics and get that song.

Get latest news and get notified with updates. You can save news for reading later.

This is not it, visit below link and explore what your Apple watch can do for you from Apple itself.

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