Google Play Store: Pre-register for Upcoming Android Apps

Android Play Store added a new feature for its registered users, to pre-register for upcoming Android apps or games on Google Play.
Terminator Genisys Revolution

As per Android Police's folks, you will be able to register for upcoming apps, such that, whenever they launch that app or game, you will have direct access to download in your phone on the same day of release.
Terminator Genisys Revolution

Glu Mobile's Terminator Genisys: Revolution is the first to get in line on Google Play Store for pre-registration.
Terminator Genisys Revolution

Google Play Store is now allowing you to select publishers to put their apps and games for "pre-registration" before they are ready for sale. These titles have a Pre-register button where the Buy / Install button would normally live. Putting your name on the list does not cost anything, nor is it an agreement to buy. Pre-registration is simply designed to give users a notification when the app is finally released, at which time it can be purchased and installed to compatible devices. If you change your mind about receiving a heads-up, there's a one-tap Unregister button to remove yourself from the list.
Terminator Genisys Revolution

So, get ready for getting notification for apps or games from your favorite publishers. And have them installed in your phone before your friends. 

Pre-registration isn’t for your average developer, but it could be useful for games that are timed for release alongside films — i.e. Terminator — or sequels or big budget productions that want to drive up interest and hype pre-launch. So, get ready for getting notification for apps or games from your favorite publishers. And have them installed in your phone before your friends.

Terminator Genisys Revolution

This is another example of differentiation between Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Google has long allowed a number of unique features, including allowing developers to respond to reviews. That said, the company is known to be more lax when it comes to vetting new apps and updates — that’s thought to be one reason why the risk of malware is higher for Android customers.

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