Report: Apple Announced Smart Home App for iOS 9

Smart Home App for iOS 9 By Apple

Apple is testing a iOS 9, that includes the new app, which will reportedly allow users to setup new smart home products such as wireless door lock, wireless garage door openers, wireless smart thermostat controller and other features to make smart, safe and secure home for living.

Smart Home App for iOS 9

After some weeks WWDC is going to happen, however Apple revealed their upcoming Home-kit-compatible accessories for iOS 9.

According to 9to5mac Apple has working on Home-kit framework and Home App silently, after their last year announcement in WWDC.

As of now, it is not clear whether this will be announced at WWDC or not. It is believed that Home app will remain active solely for internal usage and can be pushed for customer use in future.

Source: First Spot

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  2. Thanks for sharing. For more than 3 decades, Smart Home Application has been a promise – that hasn’t been delivered yet. But now the Digital Electronics Manufactures, the Home Appliances Manufacturers and the Third Party Developers – they are all gearing up to deliver much awaiting “Home Automation” to let the users live the dream of Smart Home.