Finally iOS Got Whatsapp Calling Feature

After updating voice calling feature in Android mobile devices. Whatsapp Inc. announced it for iOS users, now you can avail this feature in your iPhone mobile devices within few weeks....!

Apple iPhoneIt will take some time to roll out in every iOS or iPhone mobile devices. So, don't be fret, if you are not notified for this update.Soon, you will get it for your mobile phone.
Apple iPhone 
This feature would be available with the name of "Whatsapp Calling". Well, those who haven't got any notification, Wait for some weeks, and then, enjoy the freedom of calling beyond the geographical boundaries. However, you must have internet connection for using Whatsapp and its calling feature.
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This works like someone calls you through Whatsapp, you will be notified with a push notification showing the caller information. Once you you pick the call you will get option to mute or put call in speakerphone. Android phones shows you call log of received, missed Whatsapp calls. Let's see how it will work for iOS exactly.

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