Apple’s Smart Watch is in Stores Now

The most awaited Apple smart watches have been launched today. Gadgets and specially Apple lover can place their per-order, click here.

Apple Smart Watch

Apple said, this wearable could make touch less payments and receive phone calls.

It has loads of apps and below are some useful features:
  • It could be an alternative to a key card to open a compatible hotel room lock.
  • It can be used to check the name of the songs via compatible apps like Shazam.
  • It can be used to open the internet-connected garage door remotely.

Apple also said that they had thousands of new apps already been developed for these smart watches ahead of the sale. And app developers are enabled to add value through their apps, as there are no specific disruptions will come from features that will bring to the watch.

Apple Smart Watch

Well, apps are the programs that make mobiles and tablet modish. So as, Apple watches have them too. These wearable are appealing because of their design and quality of hardware that runs these apps.

Specification and Price:
  • It has longer battery life.
  • It can charge from 0% to 100% in 2.5 hour.
  • It is priced from $349 to $17,000.
For more details visit Apple here. Currently these wearable are available in 38 different models.

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