An App that Wipe Off Your Social Mistakes

Why it is needed to develop?

Ethan Czahor lost his job due to his past social media posts. So he thought of creating a mobile application that will clear your past social media posts. So, he decided to help people no to be get fired due to such incidents. 

How it works? 
Connect Privately:
Clear app integrates with all you social media account. And nothing posted or deleted from your account until you do not permit. It is safe and secure.

Intelligent Processing:
It performs complex analysis on each of your social media posts, using specially written algorithms as well as assistance from IBM Watson supercomputer.

100% Control:
When you delete your posts using Clear. It will be deleted from your social network account. It reduces the wasting of time for checking older bunch of posts. got an idea and developed it as a product. I am sure, you guys too have such an ideas. Don't let someone else to respond before you. Request a free quote for your kind of mobile applications for any platform.

Source: Clear CBS News

Ethan Samuel

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