12 Google Fit Developer Challenge Winner Apps

Last year, Google invited developers to create amazing fitness apps that, integrated the Google Fit platform and help people aware of health consciousness.

Fitness Apps

As per the suggested ideas and functionalities, they have developed, some innovative fitness apps.
Fitness Apps

Below listed are 12 Google Fit Developer Challenge winner Apps:
  1. 7MinGym: With this app, chair and wall for 7 minute you can start your routine workout.
  2. Aqualert: It Alert and tracks you water intake.
  3. Cinch Weight Loss and Fitness: It tracks your steps and calories burned the whole day. It also tracks your weight loss and heart-rate.
  4. FitHub: It tracks your daily fitness level and allows you to compare with people connected with you.
  5. FitSquad: It makes fitness as a competition among your friend circle so you can make yourself fit than others.
  6. Instant-Quantified Self: It track your digital as well as physical activities and reminds whichever is over the limit.
  7. Jump Rope Wear Counter: It counts your jump rope skips.
  8. Move it!: It tracks your daily motion and alerts, if you have been sitting or ideal since a long time and suggest you to stand up and move your leg around.
  9. Openrider-GPS Cycling Riding: It tracks and maps cycle routes.
  10. Running Buddies: It tracks your run, you can share it with others to tell them you fitness level or know their.
  11. Strength: It tracks your routine work and tells you what time is suitable for you to workout.
  12. Walkholic: It tracks your walking, running and cycling data. It notifies if you are not meeting the daily limits.
Fitness Apps

Well, these apps are compatible with most of the wearable and smartphone. Mobile app developers are delivering such a value to our fitness and making our self health conscious. Source Google Developers Blog

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